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why fools (weaks) are healthy but geniuses become crazy? weaks have no energy to go away from the road. buddha should become crazy if he would not become buddha. where he would give his energy to?

sansara does confuse you so much that, if you are able to see deepest, it's hard to stay normal: strong one is full of overflowing of energy, is becoming crazy. buddhas always risk.

weak (fool) is ugly, he can not change himself. strong (smart) one is beatifull, he can think, go new way, see new way. rich one could give away his wealth, pauper could give nothing.

at first you need ego, sharp as sword which strong one will throw away and will become modest, nobody, no-ego. modest and strong at the same time it is paradoxal, it's nonsense for ego, and ego dissolves, opens: so nobody could be ego, there is no paradox, no ever the process of realisation of the paradox, nobody who could realise the paradox...enlightment.

only the one who does not believe to anybody and in nothing but only in the truth know the truth: there are no gurus, no religions, schools, nobody to look for, except yourself. the only thing you can do is to become buddha. The else is illusion. As well as how they will name buddha -- by buddha, jesus, mouhhamad, rama, krishna, zaratushtra, mahavira, mahatma, juda, orpheus, nobody, nothing.

the truth itself looks for you, but you have to be ready to meet it, to open yourself to it.

only buddha can say why he became buddha, how he became buddha, and what happen after he became buddha. and only another buddha can understand him. nobody else even will not listen to him, he is so ununderstandable, paradoxal, he is crazy in a croud of weak fools' opinion.

it's so easy to think that you bcame buddha but much more easiest to get enlightment.

the wise one is ready to loose everything for himself, the fool is ready to loose himself for his ridiculious illusions.

the truth is paradoxal fro weak one. weak is scared fool. paradox is the way of trith. it opens to strong one. strong one is fearless conqueror of himself. the knot of the truth can not be untied by weak one but can be choped up by sharp sword in a strong arm of kshatriya.

yoga-tantra is cruel, hard...to ego. ego is your enemy. there is no other enemies. tour "enemies" are your teachers ("preach for your enemies"). they teach you to renounce your ego. ego cheats you: "here they are your enemies, beat them all!". that is how your ego becomes stronger. weak one likes to win. but his victories are his defeats to his ego. strong one likes to win himself, it's the truth victories (the fool like to teach others, but intelligent one likes to study himself" (russian proverb). when you will see these ego games, you'll study by it, you'll broke the ego shell, and the truth will open: "atman is brahman". the ego is nothing but sansara, the sansara is in your nead. it's not an enemy but a good teacher: "sansara is nirvana". when you realise it, you'll smile to your ego like gratefull pupil and honorable conqueror.

that is all what is possible to say, and that is all what is possible to realise. one can say the same but by different words, trying to explain it many years. do not waste your time but make! live it, realising no-ego.
smile, buddha!

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