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eternally many times sages who got dao said but not understood by others who still can not get freedom from allussions of their ego-mind:

there is unactivity and no unactivity in dao, there is activity and is no activity in dao, that is why this is a dao.

that is why it's named a dao. but when one comes in dao, so nothing to talk about because one who enter dao became dao itself, so for what dao should talk about itself? to whom? what is the purpose of talking about?

dao is fullness because dao is not empty, and dao is emptyness because dao is not full. that is why it's dao and one names it dao...

to enter dao is not lucky, as not to enter dao. because there is no luck in dao, as there is no bad luck. that is why it's dao and one names it dao...

do many daos exist? no, dao is already dao, there is no many dao in it, as there is no some dao. there is only dao. dao is everything, and dao is nothing. you can not dao dao, as you can not undao dao. that is why it's dao and one names it dao...

(to be continued when translated from russian)

in russian:

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