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at the time i already was not practicing especially (when you free a special time and place for yoga practice), but the practice (kundalini and mental) goes without end, days and nights (even when you sleep).

it was evening, i was just reading a book, and was concentrating on ajna chakra as usual i did when reading, for more attention and speed of reading. plus i rotated energy (prana, qi, ki) by small circle 'ajna-sahasrara chakras' (up on back (kundalini's piece between them) and down on forehead). the circle is usual in qi-gong (between all chakras, and more bigger ones).


at first sahasrara chakra "exploided", but not as usually before, when i opened it by prana, but much-much stronger: it was like the prana switched on the chakra, and the energy of the light in sahasrara become more and more powerfull.
after it i was not able already even to read the book, the state of mind was so strange and unusual (and very pleased), so i was just followed what is happen. it was very unexpected but the state was deffinitelly "this".
everything was very quikly (just few seconds) and happened by itself without any my own efforts.
at once kundalini energy filled all kundalini channel: all chakras joined each other in one body (the whole kundalini channel became one energy rode). it was like you are an electric accumulator, and somebody just charges you more and more with energy.
the prana filled you more then you can get inside your body.
at very first moment when sahasrara chakra exploided, the eternal ectasy (and all other points:


) began and was enforcing itself each second.
one could only dream about such a state of conscience, but at the same time it's so strong and intense that you feel something like "hardness", but there is no desure to stop it at all. ther are no desires at all. even to drink and to eat many days and weeks.
slowly (after many days) you become able to "control" the state and be exernally like everybody. but at first you are almost paralised because of ecstasy and energy, in what your ego desolutes very quikly and desappears at all. you do not think about you as you. there is nobody. so nobody thinks about himself as himself. nobody. that is why there are no desires and needs.


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