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there is the only and the one way to no-ego -- transformation of mind from ego to no-ego.
it's the yoga way.
1) to clear physical body (veganship, fruit-eating, prana-eating).
2) to clear energy and by energy (pranayama).
3) to clear feelings and emotions: no-appriciation -- neutralism (there will be few posts about it in the lj)
4) to open chakras and to up the kundalini (kundalini-yoga).
when your sahasrara-chakra will exploided, it's almost enough to obtain no-ego, but just "mechanicaly": if your conscience is not ready to surrender to dissolvation of ego into nothing-eternity-reality, then nothing will changed, exceptthat you will just feel yourself happy or almost crazy.
5) the liberation (no-ego) itself is liberation of your mind (soul, spirit, ego) that is following from right understanding, right rush, absent of fear of everything, of reality, especially fear to loose yourself-ego. it's the most difficult. it's very simple. in common, the way is very simple. but in this sense the way is hard. simple and hard. simple to understand theoretically (by your mind) but hard to accomplish as your own experience. many people do not understand its simplicity. they just turn themself in many conceptions-theories.
but the point is liberation -- iberty from everything, it mean EVERYTHING: i, eego, religions, traditions, teachings, gurus, morality, amorality, education, illusions, etc., etc.)

no-ego is not moral or amoral, t's just out-of-moral: no-ego does not need to keep in mind ethics to be "good", no-ego is good just as it, deep inside.

the fear (to loos yourself) is the main obstacle to liberation. even if you became maser in yoga methods, and very near to no-ego, you still could be very affraid to loose yourself forever. the liberty is much more hard then death. the death is just loosing your body, changing external core. the liberty is loosing "you". you will never be never, nowhere, nohow...
in reality, you are not. "you" is illusion. but you are, you are still in sansara, sansara gives you the possibility "to exist".

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