The personal experience. The characteristics of No-ego:

Personal profound changed state of conscience:

1) Ecstasy.
2) Equal attitude to anything.
3) Energy inside and outside that goes through all body

upside down and that fills all body.
4) This energy is also a knowledge.
5) All chakras are open, the whole kundalini is full of

energy. The chakras are not distangwished one by one

but compose the one body - Kundalini channel.
6) The state is somnambulic: you do not like to move or

like to move slowly. There is no need to move at all.

Better to seat down or even to lay down. You do not

feel any reason to do anything.
7) Absolutely self satisfaction of the state: nothing

never could be better then this (see points 1,2,3)
8) You feel full harmony of the world: no more any

opponents, no more bad people. May be just a little

stupid people who still did not realise the Truth.

Compassion to everybody.
9) The weight of your body became much less. You feel

that the No-ego state changes even the bio-chemical

prosesses inside your body. It became more clear, more

healthy and refine.
10) All the 9 point are not static but dynamic and

become more and more profound and powerfull each

11) When the state of No-ego began, you do not practice

anything, it works by itself. The "device" is switched

on. so you have nothing to do with it, just feel it and

enjoy it.
12) You can not be against it, you can not stop it. You

already do not exist. There is nobody who can resist

it, and there is nothing to resist for. The one who was

You now is going down deeper and deeper, or what is the

same go up on and on. And much more then this, You do

not think that there is any reason to resist. You do

not exist. You made it.

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